Changes in v0.23.0

This release includes a number of new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. Highlights:

  • PET: Added the opt_settings option to the Code block of optimizers; this can be used to pass options in the Options dictionary of the COBYLA and other optimizers (see the the SciPy docs for more details on supported options).
  • PET: Automatically create subdirectories for filerefs in PET Test Bench components.
  • PET: Allow more than one unknown to reference the same source.
  • PET: Detect and prevent conflicting variable names.
  • PET: Fixed issues with MATLAB version detection and support for MATLAB r2019a and above.
  • PET: Improved debuggability of MATLAB PET components: MATLAB output now appears in the PET log file.
  • Visualizer: Updated to Visualizer 2.6.0. Highlights:
    • Added CSV artifact viewer.
    • Added support for user-defined Visualizer input defaults.
    • CAD STL viewer improvements and bug fixes.
  • Results Browser: Added export of PET results to a standalone package for sharing and distribution.
  • Results Browser: Added list of PET folders and ability to navigate directly to them to the Results Browser.
  • CAD Import: fix import progress dialog layout at high DPI and fix cancel button functionality.
  • DESERT: Various performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Updated GME to version 21.4.1.