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The design of complex systems requires many engineering specialties and software tools. OpenMETA helps you bring models and analyses together to get a better view of system performance and trade-offs.

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Advanced MBE and MBSE Use Cases image

Advanced MBE and MBSE Use Cases

Combine OpenMETA's core capabilities to enable design knowledge capture, multidisciplinary design analysis and optimization (MDAO), set-based design, and continuous integration.

Integrates With Existing Tools image

Integrates With Existing Tools

OpenMETA is built to integrate with the proprietary and best-in-class analysis and design tools that you already rely on and can be extended to support more.

Extensive Documentation and Examples image

Extensive Documentation and Examples

Tutorials, documentation, and examples to support your work.

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Open-Source MIT License

You are free to modify the software as you like and to keep your modifications private.

Supported by MetaMorph image

Supported by MetaMorph

MetaMorph, Inc provides professional support and development for OpenMETA.