OpenMETA spacecraft trade study

The Spacecraft model demonstrates the preliminary design of a spacecraft. Both geometry (PTC Creo) and physics/behavior (Modelica) models are associated with the components of this spacecraft, including antenna, battery, gyroscope, and solar panels.

The synthesized system 3D model is used to calculate the spacecraft’s mass and inertial tensor. These are then used as part of the physics and behavior simulation in Modelica. Because both are derived from the OpenMETA model, their system architecture and parameterization are consistent.

The spacecraft architecture includes several options for panel size, gyroscope, and battery. A trade study can be performed to compare the performance of each permutation, with measures of effectiveness derived from the combined CAD and Modelica analysis workflow.

Installation instructions

In addition to cloning this repository, you will need to install a number of software tools to be able to successfully run some of the test benches in this model.

The dynamics analysis in this example may be performed using only the freely-available OpenModelica. PTC Creo is only required for geometry analysis and the combined geometry and dynamics analysis described above.


OpenModelica is used to simulate the system dynamics of the spacecraft. To install OpenModelica you simply need to download and install the OpenModelica 1.12.0 version installer that is available here.

OpenModelica is free and open-source.

PTC Creo 3.0

PTC Creo 3.0 is required to run the Geometry analysis in this example. It is commercially-available.