OpenMETA Examples and Templates

Demonstration of OpenMETA capabilities and best practices

OpenMETA Examples and Templates

This repository holds a number of different small OpenMETA projects. Some of projects serve as examples of using OpenMETA with some of the integrated domains. Others are examples of common patterns and strategies when using OpenMETA.

The led-tutorial and fea-tutorial projects are to be used with their respective tutorials in the OpenMETA documentation.


This project provides simple examples of the three “wrapper” Analysis Blocks we have available for use in a PET: MATLAB Wrappers, Excel Wrappers, and Python Wrappers. For more information see the PET Analysis Blocks section of the OpenMETA Documentation.


This project shows how an OpenMETA project can be integrated with a Jenkins CI server. For more details on Continuous Integration with Jenkins visit the Continuous Integration section of the OpenMETA Documentation.